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Our Journey to Freedom

   To be actually free in today’s capitalistic, white supremacy society, i believe take two things. And these things are awareness of self and the accumulation of wealth. For if the the black man is to really become free and to know what it is like to really be a man in today’s oppressive societies. It is to the absolute importance that the black man obtain self awareness and wealth because I truly believe that having these two keys are literally our keys to freedom.
     But one must say how can the black man get a chance to obtain these two keys if he’s constantly being oppressed, if he’s constantly being imprisoned, constantly being killed and the constant negative imagery that’s constantly being fed to him, cause him to form ideas that is not truly his then that ultimately leads to his suffering. For example let’s say you was to be a born singer, and you always wanted to be a singer because you had the voice of angels  and its your true passion. But your parents instill in you that you should be a lawyer because they make a lot of money. So you become a lawyer instead of being something you were born to be, something that would bring meaning to your life. Even if you never became a famous singer you would still feel  fulfilled because you did something that was meant for you. So America being the parent that’s feeding us ideas that is not ours,ideas of greed,survival of the fittest, the ego . So what was the black man born to be? What is he really cable of  left alone and free from oppression and have the knowledge of past ancestors?      The answer I came up with was a African Man. I say African just in terms of having an understanding of where he`s from that will then ensure he’ll know where he has to go. He will know his mission and purpose in life,  after all that’s what’s masculine energy is for. But it’s hard to be an African man in an European setting and mentality.
    So back to obtaining these keys to freedom which is awareness of self and the accumulation of wealth. When I say freedom i mean freedom of mind, body, soul and financial freedom. Having the two keys will ensure all types of freedom is capable of having. I will be briefly talking about how we can obtain the key of wealth to ensure we can buy our freedom and get of the corporate plantations.
     One we have to go away from instant gratification and develop delayed gratification. In which instead of pleasure now why not pleasure at a later time and a lot more of it. Meaning we have to save some of the income we get instead of spending it all. Secondly owning things is of great importance whether it be a business or land. Land is important to have. There will be more people being created than land. So who owns more land is King.  One owning something creates pride in an individual and community, and owning something enables you to give something to your children when you die. So the wealth is being pass down and then your children can increase that wealth, and then it will go through the generations. so each generation will be better of than the one before. This will lead to the elimination of the problem of economic stagnation in our community. Having wealth in our community will also lead to us to having power in our community.
       Having wealth will enable us to establish institutions and system that will be to our benefit. Also having wealth will cause us to to have more power in the political system in which we can buy our vote which actually count. Because nothing free in America is of value.